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CNC Lathe with Milling Function

Puma MX Series


 The PUMA MX1600ST, multitask milling/turning centers, are designed for heavy and interrupted cutting, longterm high accuracy, and superior surface finishes. High speed tool change and turret indexing, combined with fast rapid traverse rates minimize noncutting time. Caxis contouring, Yaxis offcenter and Baxis anyangle milling/drilling allow for single setup completion of highly complex workpieces. Samesize integral motors on both left and right spindles provide improved performance and flexibility. Multitasking capabilities increase productivity and provide for justintime production requirements by reducing lead time, changeover time, setup time, and time between operations.
Main Features
- High speed 6,000 RPM spindles
- Milling, drilling, and tapping capabilities
- Full contouring C-axis
- Rigid tapping on left and right spindles, milling spindle and rotary tools
- Pretensioned X and Z axis ball screws
- Right spindle can be synchronized with left spindle

 Main Specifications

Sales Model Unit Puma MX1600ST
Max. Turning Diameter / Main mm (inch) 330 (12.99)
Max. Turning Length mm (inch) 900 (35.4)
Max. Bar Capacity mm (inch) 51 (2.0)
Spindle Speed L / R r/min 6000 / 6000
Milling Spindle Speed r/min 12000
Travel Distance X-axis Uppr / Lwr mm (inch) 450 (17.7) / 165 (6.49)
Travel Distance Z-axis Uppr / Lwr mm (inch) 935 (36.8) / 935 (36.8)
Travel Distance Y-axis mm (inch) 170 (6.7)
Travel Distance B-axis Deg. 240
Rapid Traverse X-axis Uppr m/min (IPM) 36 (1417)
Rapid Traverse Z-axis Uppr m/min (IPM) 36 (1417)
Rapid Traverse Y-axis m/min (IPM) 26 (1024)
Rapid Traverse C-axis r/min 400
Number of Tools std. (opt.) 40 (80)
Number of Tools
std. 16
Turning Tool Shank Size
mm (inch) 20 (0.75)
Boring Bar Diameter
mm (inch) 32 (1.25)
Rotating Tool Speed
r/min 6000

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